by Frank Lukas

I recently picked up a copy of Scientific American in the an airport bookstore. I wanted to taked my mind off why I was travelling and it was the “Food” issue. Food, water, air, shelter and clothing, and farming, climate, and the survival of the current occupants of the earth is (yes “is” because it is all one subject) a favorite subject of mine. I was thinking as I picked it up, “Why don’t I read this? Science is one of my favorite interests. Why am I not a subscriber to this magazine?”

Of course the first article I pick to read is the one on GMOs. After I read it I looked to see who wrote this piece ofs*h#t and it says the author is the board of Scientific American. The board? What, did they sit down in the board room and write it as a committee? I doubt it. More likely Monsanto, Nestle, Dow, DuPont, ADM, Conagra, Baer, Bayer or one of their ilk wrote it for them. That’s why I don’t read it anymore.

This was unnerving not because I was so naïve that I didn’t know scientific reaearch has been corrupted by corporate influence and interest, or by government influence, and by the necessities of real or perceived of academic survival, but because it made the dissappeareance of that last shred of truth so real.

And then there was the complete disregard for the moral and political consequences of the science. As if the science being accurate made the consequences of it’s use irrelevant. It’s the equivalent of saying the accuracy of the science of splitting the atom is all that matters. Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Fukushima melt down are irrevelant.

They completely missed or deliberately ignored the reasons some of us are out there protesting Monsanto et al and GMOs. This battle isn’t even over using a new technology before we completely usnderstand the science and consequences, a foolishness that has gotten us into more trouble, DDT, PBB, and the Dust Bowl for example, than I like to think about.

The heart of this battle is power. It’s about the privatization of everything. It’s about none of the rest of us being able to own or hold public title to land to grow food, the water on that land, the plants we grow, or unpolluted air. It’s about patenting and therefore owning life. If you have a lovely old tomato or rose or whatever that your Mom and Granny and great Grandpa grew and you put it out there to be contaminated by GMO pollen the seed and therefore what would be your future plants no longer belong to you. Your children’s inheritance and all the friends you may have shared it with now belongs to the GMO patent holder. What does that mean? It means that the richest people and corporations will own EVERYTHING. They have already spent the last three hundred years pushing the rest of us off the land. As with the land so with the water and the food.

As this push continues, there will be no more public. No more public anything, parks, libraries, town halls, utilities, roads, education, and no more government standing between the rest of us and the amoral or immoral abuses of corporations or any other powerful entities. It’s about whether or not the rest of us will be able to feed ourselves or have to depend on our corporate “mothers” like newborn babes. And it’s not just about who controls all the food on earth, it’s also about who controls the water, the land, and even the air.

Twice in the last ten years bottlers have gotten control of the water supply. Once in South America and once in Africa. Both were a disaster for the people who were not wealthy. The bottling companies charged so much for the water that people had nothing left to buy food, couldn’t bathe, cook if they had food, or event think about watering a garden. The bottling companies were kicked out it got so bad. But what happens if there is no government to kick them out? Or if the government is so corrupted that they won’t?

Gigantic profits are at stake here. And so much more than that. Whoever controls air, food and water controls everything. They can make the world better, and they might if there is a profit in it. Or they can commit genocide, enslave us, starve us, or just wipe all us useless trash off the face of the earth to stop pollution and global warming. It’s not so much that I think they will as I don’t want them or anyone else to ever get the chance.