Unexpected ( I hate titles don’t you?)

by Frank Lukas

Thank you everyone who read my chewing spikes piece.

Just started doing this and haven’t finished the learn wordpress stuff yet. I have had two requests to moderate my posts and I have no idea what that means. So, if you would like me to do that please let me know how and I will try to please.

Isn’t it just like life that the one piece I wasn’t sure I wanted to publish because it was so vicious is the most read thing I’ve done?

It started out to a particular person and wound up being a vent meant for all those arrogant know-it-alls who’ve been spouting their opinions as if they were truth form heaven for the last too many years. Didn’t realize how totally sick of it I was until I wrote chewing spikes.

Have a strong sense of hypocrisy between this piece and the one about aggression. Where oh where does legitimate anger and aggression end and the over the line aggression and anger start? Chimps even commit genocide but they don’t worry about it. Drawing the line is a truly human dilemma.

Scariest thing about writing? What you’re likely to learn about yourself and others.