So Angry I Could Chew Spikes!

by Frank Lukas

This is to the arrogant a**h**e I unfriended on Facebook today. You do not know everything. No matter how much you think you know, how well read you are, how educated you are, and how much privy information you think you have, you are still only one Homo sapien in six billion. Your experience in this life is only one six-billionth of the total human experience on this planet in the last sixty-five years. Which is only 0.00065 of the probably total time Homo sapiens have been on this planet.

That gives you absolutely no right whatever to judge other people’s anything. But if you are going to judge you could at least actually read, carefully, what I had to say. I did not say that the government was wrong or right to call Snowden a traitor. I did not say that U.S. citizens were wrong or right to call him a hero. I said, “When the citizens are calling a man the government calls a traitor, a hero, the country is in trouble.” I mean that when there is such a huge divergence between a government and it’s people there is a problem. I did not define the problem or blame anyone for it. If you think I did that is entirely in your presumptuous mind.

As real to us as our personal experiences are, they are not any more than that. That is why we read, watch movies and plays, and listen to music, because there is never an end to our education. And there never should be an end to trying to broaden our experience. Our broadest experience will never encompass the whole of the experience of humanity, our little galaxy, or even our apparently little universe among the universes.

As limited as my experience is I am probably wrong in my conclusions political, philosophical and financial. But that doesn’t make you right. And neither one of us is ever going to learn better by refusing to acknowledge the possibility that the other just might be right.